Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Serial Sender Update

Serial Sender v1.4 now supports 19.2 and 38.4kbps.
Serial Sender is Seetron's free Windows utility for sending text and data via a serial port (or USB-to-serial adapter). It requires no installation and no setup. Unlike most full-featured serial utilities, Serial Sender does not monopolize the port; when you press Send, it grabs the port briefly to transmit the data, then relinquishes it. This can be a powerful feature, because it not only minimizes interference with other serial-port users, it also allows you to have multiple instances of the program sending data to the same serial port.

This wrinkle becomes especially handy in light of the coming introduction of GLO-416Y v2.0. Among the new capabilities of the display is on-the-fly baud rate switching, up to 38.4kbps .

Once you switch baud rates on the GLO, you have to change them on Serial Sender, too. Easy enough, just click the appropriate Baud Rate button. But you could also run multiple instances of Serial Sender set for different baud rates and sending different messages and/or instructions. This method is great for getting acquainted with the display's capabilities or walking through a programming scenario.

Serial Sender is available for download here. If you're looking for a true, bidirectional terminal program, consider Termite; its data-logging capability can be very helpful for tracking down serial-communication bugs.

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