Thursday, January 19, 2012

Custom Character Demo with Serial Sender

Serial Sender, our free Windows tool for sending text and data via a comm port or USB adapter, has been updated to v1.2. Previous versions allowed you to send arbitrary bytes by wrapping their decimal values in angle brackets, like so: <65>. The update allows bytes expressed as hex: <0x41>. Some values, particularly bit patterns, are easier to work with in hex. Coincidentally, a user asked for guidance on defining custom characters for the GLO-216 with Serial Sender, so here it is:

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Odometer-effect Counter with Arduino and GLO-216 Serial OLED

Using a custom character in an unusual way, you can create a fun rolling-odometer visual effect with a GLO-type serial OLED. We've posted a sample Arduino program that does the trick. Here's a quick video:

Program listing is after the jump. (It's been tweaked slightly since first publication; now uses PROGMEM to store the digit bitmaps and instructions in program memory, sparing precious Arduino RAM.)