Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Arduino "Hello World" for BPI-216 Serial LCDs

Version 1.0 of the Arduino software includes an update to the SoftwareSerial library, which (among other things) can output inverted-TTL serial that works with our BPI-, BPK-, and BPP- series devices. The example sketch is after the break.


In the pic at right (click to enlarge), a BPI-216L is connected to an Arduino Uno via a BSW-CBL wiring harness (a worthwhile option when you're buying the display). Connections are
  • Red: Arduino 5V to BPI +5
  • Black: Arduino GND to BPI GND
  • White: Arduino 3 to BPI SER
 If you want to use a different Arduino pin for serial output, you can change the 3 in #define txPin 3 to the desired pin number.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Drop-in OLED Replacement for BPI-216 Serial LCDs

Would you like to upgrade from a  BPI-216 serial LCD to a GLO-216Y/G serial OLED, but can't make any changes to your product's firmware? Help is on the way—contact for information on the BGL-216 firmware modification.