Wednesday, August 31, 2011

GLO-series: Turning off the Startup Screen

Startup screen.

GLO-216 and -416 displays start up with a default screen like the one shown here. The Programmer's Reference describes the ESC X0 instruction, which can be used to store a custom screen. But what if you want a totally blank screen at startup?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Introduction to Serial Sender

Serial Sender is Seetron's free utility for sending data bytes and strings of text through the serial port of a Windows PC ('95 through Windows 7). It's small (64kB) and simple, requiring no installation. Serial Sender won't replace a terminal program for bidirectional communication, but it's excellent for testing and demonstration of serial displays. This article presents a few screenshots showing how it works.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Port and Power for Serial Displays with a USB Cable

Say you want to demo or configure one of our serial displays but your PC lacks a COM port—what to do? One answer: get an inexpensive USB/serial-port cable made by FTDI, spend a couple of minutes crimping on a connector, and you've got a snazzy cable that provides serial output and power.

Ultrasonic Sensor Demo Drives Seetron Serial OLED

At, author Darius makes good use of a GLO-216G serial display in an ultrasonic rangefinder demo. In the Youtube video below you can see that he's using the display's extra-large number font in simulated 7-segment mode to get maximum size from the displayed numbers.

GLO-216G Serial OLED Featured at The Electronics Hobbyist

Great getting-acquainted article on the GLO-216G serial display over at The Electronics Hobbyist blog. Sharp, well-thought-out code for Arduino demonstrates large fonts and custom characters.

In addition to the excellent information, the article contains a coupon code good for 20% off the purchase of a GLO-216 serial OLED display.