Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Arduino Library for GLO-216 and GLO-416

An Arduino library for the GLO- series displays has just been released. The library contains a collection of macros that automatically write Arduino code for the most common display-formatting tasks, such as:
  • Cursor positioning: gloSetCursor( col,row )
  • Setting font size: gloFont_1w1h thru gloFont_4w4h
  • Custom character definition: gloCreateChar( ccnum, patarray )
  • Custom character display: gloCustomChar( ccnum )
  • Right-alignment: gloSetCursorAlignRight( col, row, width )
  • Startup Screen creation: gloSaveStartScreen 
  • ...the entire GLO instruction set
The library includes 10 example programs; five each for UART and SoftwareSerial interfacing (with a fix for the soft-serial startup bug). The UART examples have been tested on a MEGA 2560 and 32-bit DUE; the SoftwareSerial examples on  a MEGA 2560 and UNO.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for providing the Library for the GLO display for my Arduino! I've been working with the GLO-216 green OLED with the Mega 2560. The display looks incredible!
    Thank you!
    Chris Robertson