Monday, October 22, 2012

Support Software Updates

Minor updates to our most-used utility programs:
  • Serial Sender now supports comms 1-99 (previous version only addressed 1-8). If you've got a collection of those USB-serial cables, you have probably noticed that the system keeps incrementing comm port numbers with each different cable you connect (reserving previously assigned numbers for devices you may never use again). As a result it's easy to exceed the traditional single-digit range of comm-port numbers. It will probably take awhile before you hit 99, though. 
  • Bitmap and configuration utilities for the SGX-120L serial graphics LCD already had support for higher comm-port numbers, but in the process of adding this capability to Serial Sender, we discovered a bug that could prevent the higher-numbered ports from initializing properly. The new versions now available for download have been fixed.

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