Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Drop-in OLED Replacement for BPI-216 Serial LCDs

Would you like to upgrade from a  BPI-216 serial LCD to a GLO-216Y/G serial OLED, but can't make any changes to your product's firmware? Help is on the way—contact for information on the BGL-216 firmware modification.

GLO-series OLEDs are brighter, more contrasty, tolerant of a wider range of temperature, and offer neat features like larger font sizes, instant-on startup screen, etc. They even understand a significant subset of BPI-style instructions. With a few minor changes, most designs built around the BPI-216 can enjoy a significant upgrade.

Minor changes? Changes?

Turns out that in some cases the firmware is carved in stone. A consultant absconded with the source code, or the code exists but is indecipherable, written in an obsolete language, or too tangled to safely modify. The design is eternally shackled to the BPI-216.

A number of loyal customers have found themselves in this fix, so we've developed alternative firmware for the GLO-216Y/G that emulates, as accurately as possible, the behavior of its LCD predecessors. Quirks and all. GLOs with the emulation firmware will be offered under part number BGL-216Y (yellow) and BGL-216G (green).

If a BPI-compatible OLED would help you out of a jam, contact for more information.

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