Thursday, September 15, 2011

The OLED Revolution will be Customized!

Browsing a science magazine's site, I spotted an ad that depicted a character-type LCD, but was obviously a slick computer-graphics rendering. I say obviously because the message used some font tricks, like THE printed vertically, that can't quite be accomplished with text LCDs.

But they're dead easy with our GLO-416Y serial OLED.

Here's what I did: Using our custom-character editor, I made the vertical THE out of a pair of custom characters. Then I fired up Serial Sender and downloaded the bit patterns to the GLO.  The instructions (as sent from Serial Sender's text box) looked like this:

(If that's Greek to you, check out the programmer's reference here.)

Now, I could print my sideways THE by placing the first custom character (ASCII 128 dec) on the line above the second (129). Now all I needed was a slogan to go with it. After some fiddling in Serial Sender, I came up with the mini-manifesto in the picture. The Sender string is like so:


In GLO control characters, that's clear the screen, set default font, print a custom char, carriage return, 'nuther custom char, increase font size, print OLED REVOLUTION, increase font size again, print @SEETRON.

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